We love lighting and consider it to be one of the most important design elements in a home. Lighting sets a tone, creates a feeling and can change the overall mood in a home. We like BIG lights! We always use dimmers. And we like to place lights in unexpected places. Check out our lighting reel.


for #livingundone this season

〰️ Keep it simple

〰️ Add lots of greens

〰️ Twinkle lights

〰️ Bring the outside in

〰️ Lit candles always

〰️ Add a disco ball

〰️ Light a fire

〰️ Use what you have. Not everything needs to scream "HOLIDAY"

〰️ Go with unexpected non colors

We love talking on things design!

Q: How do you select materials for your Hardscape packages?

A: We are drawn to soft neutrals and texture. Soft colors against bright white is timeless. We always mix matte with high gloss and some modern with classic. Our goal is always to create a serene environment that you will love forever!

Q: What is your favorite wood floor?

A: Bleached white oak floors always!!

Q: Do you ever you use black in your interiors?

A: Yes!! We believe every room needs a touch of black. Whether it’s your window frames, a door or a blackened steel fireplace. Dark earthy accents create dimension.

Q: Do you only do high end cabinetry?

A: No. We like using IKEA when not doing a custom design

Q: What is your favorite hardware finish?

A: We always love black hardware.

Q: I’m looking for a backsplash for my kitchen. Do you have any favorites?

A: Yes! We love using a simple bright white subway. It never fails!

Q: What are your favorite white paint colors?

A: Benjamin Moore Super White Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Q: Do your packages include lighting?

A: We offer a separate package for lighting.

Q: Where do you source your furniture and accessories?

A: This depends on your budget. But we are believers in mixing high and low end. Not everything needs to break the bank!

Q: Painting brick yes or no?

A: Yes!