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Noticing a shift in the way people engage with designers as a result of all that's offered via the internet, Chris and Ashley saw a need to create a different approach to design. Many want to do their OWN homes, but may need just a little bit of edification or cultivation with the bigger decisions. The decisions that are expensive and permanent.  The decisions that you can't return or just throw in the "playroom."  So they set out to create a new platform of service options for the client-designer relationship. The result is Undone.


Smart, resourceful, stylish and unique - you know what you like when you see it. You love your home and want it to represent - YOU. You know it's the integrity of the details, the finishes you choose, that elevate your space and create that GLOW. You know the glow. It connects you to family, bonds long lasting friendships, and reminds you how good it is to be home. So why not? Live Undone.

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