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How it started-how it’s going…

As we approach a year since the re-launch of UH, we reflect on what a year it’s been!

Other than the challenge of launching a business in the height of a pandemic, we’ve had some things to learn. We quickly outgrew working out of our homes and rented a studio in Cohasset Village.

Filled with samples, inspiration boards, white boards, calendars and our trusty mini fridge we are already busting at the seams after just 1 year. To be fair, the landlord called it a closet when he showed it to us- lol! But we love having a place to go to everyday to share ideas, collaborate and create. It’s become our home away from home, spending many late nights there with take-out and a bottle of wine. Did we mention there’s a great pizza joint on the first floor?

This spring we designed a new wallpaper to add to our collection called Confetti Showers. And it’s been a huge hit!

In addition to offering our Hardscape Packages, we’ve been asked to do several “whole house” projects which has been so exciting! The first of which was in Chicago. Stay tuned for photos.

We’ve added some of our favorite hardware, furniture and accessories to the online shop as well. We hope you’ll check them out.

Thanks for following along, supporting us and keeping us busy. As always we are evolving, so please ask us if you have questions!


Chris + Ashley


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